Experience is the New Reality

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by: David Armano

Hmmmm, I wonder what Jakob Nielson would say about me posting this video? I mean, it's kind of interesting and I think the voice reminds me of Ricardo Montalban saying "Corinthian Leather" in the old Chrysler Cordoba ads.

But Jakob says blogs should contain articles—not blog posts, in order to maximize the chances of a blog being successful.  What's a Web author supposed to do?  I'm too tired to write an article.  Sometimes we just want to share something we recently saw (or experienced).  Sorry Jakob, next time I'll write an article.  In the meantime, enjoy the video.  It's a bit far fetched in a science fiction kind of way—but worth watching.  Be sure to watch to the end, that's where "experience is the new reality" comes in.

Tip of the hat to Benhamin

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