by: Dick Stroud

BrandChannel decided it was about time it did a feature on Boomers. If you know anything about the Boomer / 50-plus market you aren’t likely to learn very much. Lots of broad sweeping statements and the usual splattering of Boomer facts and examples.

Home: They're getting older, but the Baby Boomers remain a booming market.
Features Profile: Can Ameriprise grab the older Boomer market from older financial services brands?
Papers: Can your brand attract the wired Baby Boomer?
Brandcameo: Brands rise in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Mary Furlong’s paper about the ‘wired’ Baby Boomer is worth a read although I was surprised how little mention it made about Web video. I have seen estimates suggesting that video will take 98% of all Internet bandwidth in the next 24 months so it is something you cannot ignore. I think it will be the biggest revolution to hit the web in a decade and will especially change the way companies communicate with older audiences.

But I am not complaining. Anything that is likely to dent the prejudices of the marketing world to take more account of the older consumers has to be a good thing.

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