Who's Generation?

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By: Stefan Kolle 

OK, maybe this is slightly off topic – but let's just pretend it's a part of our discussion on Grey Marketing. A group of over 90 (some over 100) year olds have been brought together as a band to record The Who's My Generation. Taking place in the Abbey Road studios, a lot of wonderful references are made for the careful observer.

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Aside from the noble targets of this project, to create awareness for the fact that many elderly feel disenfranchised and left alone, if not lonely, it's also a great way to use viral communication to get a concept across. We see old (I dont think there are any political correctness issues in calling a 100-year old person 'old') people having great fun, being active, fooling around. 

For the full story, see here. 

I'm not sure what prize, but a prize this project should win. 

Let's rock 'n roll!