Science Daily Week

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by: Guy Kawasaki

This is the final issue of Science Daily Week. Here’s a three-fer.

  1. Researchers at the University of Oregon found that when people watch someone perform a task that they know they’ll have to repeat later, similar parts of the brain are activated that are used doing the the task itself. The source is “Watching With Intent To Repeat Ignites Key Learning Area of Brain.”

  2. An article called “Subliminal Advertising Leaves Its Mark On the Brain” cites how researchers at University College London found that subliminal images attract the brain’s attention on a subconscious level. An implication is that subliminal advertising could work. That is, of course, assuming you don’t Tivo past the ads. 🙂

  3. Seeing the color red can hinder people from performing their best on tests. This is the conclusion of a study called “Research On the Color Red Shows Definite Impact On Achievement” at the University of Rochester.

So what did we learn during Science Daily Week?

At the very least, if you’re the boss, you should give a bonus to the marketing person who killed the TV commercial featuring subliminal images of a red Ferrari that over-hyped the product that was going to air during a sexually charged program like Sex in the City.

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