by: Karl Long

In an recent article on MarketingVox with the headline “Advertisers Line up at YouTube Killer’s Door” they talk about how big advertisers are all getting behind a video site being planned by NBC.

Wow, what a great idea, ignore the site that is serving 100 million video clips a day and put your advertising dollars into a site that no one cares about or is likely to care about.

General Motors, E-surance and Royal Caribbean, are among the first advertisers to line-up for the yet-to-be-named “YouTube killer” planned by NBC, News Corp., and Yahoo, among others, according to Ad Age.
Advertisers have been wary of buying space on sites like YouTube because consumer-generated clips often contain objectionable content. That marketers signed on to the opportunity so readily underscores the importance of editorial adjacency for marketers.

Listen, here’s an idea why don’t you invest that money creating some extraordinary content, video clips about your company and about your products, and put them on YouTube, watch what happens, rinse and repeat.

Do you think the Blendtec guys have sold more blenders because they blended an iPod?

Do you think more people are watching saturday night live because of the Lazy Sunday rap that ended up on YouTube? Which of course, irony of ironies it was taken down due to an NBC copyright claim

Do you think more people heard about smirnoff hard iced tea because of this clip?

Listen go and read Hugh’s most recent treatise on the non-existence of advertising 2.0

There will always be a market for somebody who can sell your stuff better than you can.
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