Meet Ed: Experience Diamond

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By: David Armano

Update: Check out this story about a little boy named "Eddie".  Delightful.

Time to put some principles from Made to Stick into practice.  Last year, I posted a visual of The Holy Trinity of Experience Design.  I've been wanting to update this for a while.

Basically it was inspired by Kevin Mullet's  Essence of Rich Internet Applications with my own touches added to it.  But it was missing a few things.  Namely that the experiences we create need to stand the test of time, adapt and evolve.  In other words—be sustainable (See Don Norman's comment on the trinity post).  Also, while I like the idea and sound of the word Storytelling, I think what we're really doing is Storyswapping.  So, I also made a change there to stress sharing.

But the reason why I reference Made to Stick is because I wanted a simple way to recall this.  And since I envisioned it being a diamond vs. the original triangle—ED (Experience Diamond) was conceived.

So, meet Ed.  Hope you make his acquaintance. (and hope I can too!)

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