Yahoo Brand Universe – A Product/Brand Focused Social Media Mashup Mini Site

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By: Karl Long

In a very smart move Yahoo has identified 100 brands or properties that are very popular with its users and is using that as the basis for creating brand/product focused mini sites that pull together content from all over Yahoo.

Two very prominent social media properties that are getting blended together here are Flickr and Delicious, giving these mini sites a very authentic and dynamic feel. Add that the integration of Yahoo videos and you can see how Yahoo is really leveraging these tools to create something greater than the sum of it’s parts. Weaving the whole thing together is an overarching design and yahoo authored, professionally created content.

I’m sure there are some partnerships that are going on behind the scenes here, so maybe yahoo is getting some kickbacks, I mean what brand wouldn’t want Yahoo to put together a mini portal for their product. The only thing there missing on their Wii portal is a stock tracker where I can find one of those elusive little bastards.

I tell a lie, they do have a stock tracker on their buyers guide

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