By: John Caddell

I had the opportunity to talk with a young man last week about his business idea. He reviewed his concept with me, and then sent his draft business plan. And, to be frank, it's got a long way to go before it can attract funding, channels, customers.

When this young man goes into business, he'll be competing with a raft of companies who will have far more money, employees, connections and brand equity than he'll have.

But I wouldn't bet against him. Why? Because he has passion and commitment. He cares deeply about his business and his product.

The case studies of passion, persistence and resourcefulness defeating superior resources are legion--Toyota vs. General Motors, Microsoft Windows vs. IBM OS2, Vodafone vs. BT.

The fact is, passion wins every time. No matter how much investment you have, if you are competing against a foe with superior commitment and passion, you will lose.

I know what you're thinking: Microsoft has steamrollered dozens, if not hundreds, of companies using their superior resources. I'd have you think of something else: Microsoft is as passionate as they come.

Its head cheerleader, a certain Mr. Gates, says that Microsoft's mission is to "create great software." Such an awkward slogan is nothing if not authentic.

Do you think Bill Gates lacks passion?

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