Follow-up: Embedding Ads into YouTube Players

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By: Ilya Vedrashko

A recent post about embedding ads into YouTube players to solve the monetization problem has attracted a suprising amount of attention and a number of great comments.

Today, Ari Paparo from DoubleClick sent this clarification in:

"From a technical point of view, serving Flash ads into Flash content is actually suprisingly tricky. Security issues need to be overcome, as well as visual issues such as the masking of the creative into the expected dimensions. Not impossible, but not trivial either.

We’ve produced a demo showing how this can work.

In terms of formats, there’s not going to be a single answer. Options for unobtrusive video can include "bugs" which overlay on top of the video, skinned players, clickable video (Sweetspotting), and other elements. These ad units can then be combined with post-roll video for a good mix of branded and direct response media.

For some examples of how this can be accomplished, I’ve put together an interactive demo of different video effects in a Flash player."

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