That’s It – Only Fizzy Mineral Water – Dispose of the Bottle Opener

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by: Dick Stroud 

"Society is fixated on the alcohol problems caused by young people who binge drink in public, or the small number of alcoholics who are literally drinking themselves to death," says the director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

In particular us older Brits have taken (or remained attached) to the bottle. If you want to read the horrible details read this report.

A Factlet you might want to file away: Compared with today's pensioners, twice as many 45 to 65-year-olds regularly consume more than the recommended safe levels of drinking.

The article in the UK’s Daily Mail
(read mainly by the 50+) goes on to say: “the baby boomers are on course for serious chronic, alcohol-related illness over the next two or three decades, experts warn”.

What’s the bet I can find at least a dozen reports that will tell me about the virtues of alcohol to extending life?

OK, the serious point is that if you are a drinks company; make sure you are targeting the UK. Be it young or old the Brits seem to be hitting the bottle big time.