It's a small step for mankind, a big step for Rock and Roll….and beer

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by: Stefan Kolle

Another innovative use of technology – the branded Skypecast.

Simply put, a Skypecast allows a host to broadcast audiocontent to 100 users at a time. It reminds me of the analyst call Wall Street companies hold regularly. For instance Gizmodo has used it for interviews with tech execs.

Now there has been a surprising new application of the technology.

Yesterday Heineken did a Skypecast with Dutch up and coming band Johan. "It's a small step for mankind, a big step for Rock and Roll….and beer", as the presenter announced.

This is in fact an interactive concert – users are allowed to sing and clap along, and to ask questions. As this was a worldwide first, everything was a bit experimental, and some cute fumbling ensued at the end of the concert, including some participants sounding as if they were under water. A bit more background here (sorry, articly in Dutch).

To say the least, I am intrigued by this innovative use of Skypecasting. The fact that only 100 users can participate seems like a limitation at first sight. However, in fact this could turn out to be a major opportunity – contests etc to select the real fans that will be allowed to participate, while the rest of the world will have to wait for the re-use of the content in other media. Heineken has now made the audio available on its site, and within a few days will post the video as well. The interactive element is of course a huge bonus in engaging your community.

This is probably an easier, faster, cheaper way of creating some nice interactivity then playing concerts in Second Life. Heineken has used music-marketing in many innovative ways in the past years, and I think this is a really nice new addition to the roster. Who follows?

P.S. It's worth a listen to beyond the marketing aspect – Johan does some really nice rounded pop-songs.