Corporate Video 2.0 – Second Life Machinima + Youtube

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by: Karl Long

I had heard a week ago from the blog of Shel Holtz (of For Immediate Release fame) that a PR agency called Text100 had set up an office island in SecondLife (surl), and my immediate reaction was somewhat ambivalent.

With Adidas, American Apparel, and the starwood hotel opening i really just ignored it as a sort of “me too” thing. That was until I saw their introductory video on YouTube that was entirely filmed in SecondLife and provides a great introduction as to why SecondLife is a communication tool of growing importance.
Link to video for feedfans

Apart from the fact that this supports the message that Text100 can serve as a guide to companies around the communication opportunities in SecondLife, it demonstrates a wonderful way use SecondLife for corporate videos. Think about virtual tours of facilities, product launches, even testing product concepts. It seems to me that SecondLife is a great opportunity to help customers experience aspects of your company, your products, your ideas, in ways that are more visceral and tangible.

UPDATE: My friend Gif Constable from the ElectricSheep Company pointed out that I should really be reading his blog Text100 is an ElectricSheep client, and of course Gif blogged about this PR Machinima over 10 days ago! A lifetime in the blogosphere.

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