by: Karl Long

Wow, some amazing news coming from these big companies here related to social media:

Microsoft now allowing “user generated games” on xbox 360 - The xbox 360 has two primary channels for delivering games to users, first through the standard packaged DVD, and additionally through it’s xbox live service, through the xbox arcade. The xbox live arcade has been a great hit from the begining allowing the distribution of cheap and often free addicting little games, and classic old arcade games. With the announcement of a free game development tool that will allow developers and students to create games and share them with friends is really taking social gaming to another level.

Apple’s also got some huge social software news - Ranging from a new wiki server on it’s new OS, to more social features for itunes, including seeing what friends are listening to, wish lists etc. I hope that includes seeing what podcasts friends are listening to, as that could serve as a great way of discovering new podcasts, and being able to connect with friends about them.

Tip of the hat- read/write web where there’s a lot more social software headlines

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