6 Months + 20 Visuals Later

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by: David Armano

Well, it's been a little over six months since the launch of Logic + Emotion.  In that time, I've learned a great deal about how the Social Media Network functions.  I've made a bunch of new friends, and I've been featured on some Podcasts while steadily climbing up a list or two.  And hey, I might have even gotten a little addicted along the way, but as Advergirl says, "what's a little addiction among friends"?

It's been a fun ride so far.  And I look forward to new bloggy adventures on the horizon.  As a very small token of appreciation, I've put together all the visualizations that have been created thus far, in one place.  Feel free to download, snag and use on your next powerpoint.  It's all open source as they say.  Credit is appreciated, but not required.  Thanks for reading.  And an even bigger thanks for participating.

Paths To Experience Design
From Information Architects to Art Directors and everything in between.

Experience Map
As seen on Businessweek.

Visualizing The Social Media Network

Information exchange between community clusters.

Interaction Design Made Simple

Interaction Design de-mystified.

Customer Logic + Emotion
Satisfying the rational and emoitonal.

T-Shaped Creativity
Creativity to a "T".

In Around and Outside The Sandbox
Blurring the agency lines.

Holy Trinity of Digital Experience Design
Three essentials truths.

Sharing Ideas in Flat Vs. Round worlds
It's a Flat world after all.

The 4C's of Blogging
Community, Consitancy, Content, Clarity.

Brand Love
A Holistic Marketing love affair.

People.  People Who Need Lables.
It's the custoconsumuser, silly.

Creativity 2.E
The New Creative Mind meets T-Shaped creativity.  Very dangerous.

Power Consumer is the New PC
That's right.  Power Consumers.  You heard it here first.

Visualizing The Tipping Point
Connectors, Mavens and Salespeople make up the Social Media Network.

Human Hierarchy + Creative Collaboration in the workplace.
Traditional and non traditional team stuctures.

People Respond: The New PR
PR and the Social Media Network.

Navigators, Explorers + Engaged Participants
Multiple mindests for multiple personality users.

Silos + Overlaps
Traditional silos and overlapping disciplines.

Brand Affinity Through Stories + Experience
Experience People +Storytellers working together.

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