Learning Light web site launches, research published

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by: David Jennings

Learning Light is a not-for-profit organisation set up in Sheffield to "overcome the everyday obstacles our members face within the field of e-learning". It is supported from Yorkshire's regional funds but is open to more or less anyone.

I did some work for Learning Light last summer to build up their Knowledge Base, working with Seb Schmoller and David Kay (plus David's colleagues Liz Wallis and Camilla Umar). You can now register with Learning Light (free of charge), and thereby gain access to three reports, including one that I co-wrote.

The report I wrote with Seb (see abstract) wrestles with the old conundrum of encouraging employers to encourage and support lifelong learning by their employees — referring particularly to the part e-learning can play in dividing rights, responsibilities and motivation between employer and employee.

I played a smaller part in a second report E-Learning at the Coal Face (see abstract), which addresses the mismatch between expectations of e-learning and what has actually been achieved. It suggests ways to re-think e-learning delivery to help reality live up to the promises.

Seb has more background details about Learning Light, and also a direct link to the report we wrote.

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