Blog's Eye View: Opinions Wanted

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by: David Armano

Blog’s Eye View Download blogs_eye_view.pps is a presentation I’m preparing for the folks in Digitas NY, and Boston. 

It’s designed to be a brief synopsis of my adventures in the Social Network since Logic+Emotion’s quiet launch back in late February.  It’s not meant to to be objective as much as it is my perspective—but I do capture thoughts about the broader social network in addition to my blog.  I often talk about using L+E as a sounding board for ideas—so I’m looking for opinions here.  Especially from readers who have been following from early on—but I’m not picky.  Here is some context:

  • The audience will primarily be composed of people from various backgrounds in marketing and interactive marketing.
  • The presentation is being positioned as “The social network from the perspective of one blogger”.
  • Most of the audience will be fairly tech savvy but not necessarily blog savvy.
  • The audience will proably be wondering what implications the social network have in regards to marketing.
  • The presentations will happen some time in July.

Please share your opinions.  Not your “IMHO’s”—just your real opinions.  What is the deck missing?  What can make it better?  What needs to go?  Does it make sense?  Etc.  Keep in mind that I’ll be providing a decent amount of voiceover—but all good visual stories should make sense even without voiceover.

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