by: Yann Gourvennec is a website which publishes pdf versions of a great number of newspapers From Around the World.

I have been amazed by its ability to let you browse through the list of available countries and then choose the desired newspaper. This is actually triggering a question. One may think that journalists are shooting themselves in the foot by publishing (or letting others publish) their information online. Of course, some of it - mainly the archives are only accessible to subscribers. For instance, Time magazine will let subscribers print and read Time online if you have a valid username and password. But secure access does not prevent sharing, and it is yet to be proven that openness is beneficial for contents providers. Of course, it enables people from remoter locations to look at these newspapers that they would not be able to buy anyway. By the way, access to the information contained by the website is not free. When provinding your email address (check those spammers!) you will be able to test the Web site for 7 days and 7 issues for free.

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