Marketeer … Can You Reach Me?

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by: Alain Thys

Recently I placed a few posts on the changing nature of media consumption which basically started me thinking about my own media consumption.   That was when the magnitude of the new consumer behaviour hit me.

The bare facts:

I have disconnected my cable (basically 'cause there's nothing on TV anyway) and only watch DVD's.  I may get back in the game when Video-on-Demand returns, yet that is only to watch what I want when I want it (and no advertising please).

I have given up on newspapers, and typically read a variety of news sources in France, Germany, UK and US online.  For news at home (Belgium) I watch news on demand on my PC.  My favourite radio stations are Capital FM in London, NRJ in France and Classic FM in the Netherlands, all which I listen to, online.

For the rest I have subscriptions to about a dozen newsletters which I actually read (from all over the world), and all other promotion ends up in my junkmail basket.

I still listen to the radio in my car, yet I'm starting to regularly replace this by my own MP3 mix, an podcasted radio-shows on demand.  On the airplane I do read the occasional Wall Street Journal.

Without exaggerating, dear marketeer, how do you reach out to me?

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