Are You Ready to Launch Your Own TV Station?

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by: Alain Thys

Just when you thought you were up to scratch by having a website that worked, it turns out you may need to launch your own BrandTV station sooner rather than later. 

In the last few weeks Yahoo, Google and Microsoft have launched their services making it easier to find, up- and download video.  Unlike the old days they're not out to demonstrate their technological prowess, yet because video is getting big on the web.

According to Yahoo, net users are estimated to stream 21 billion number videos in 2005 (a 50% increase compared to last year). 

The consquence is that consumers will be getting accustomed to video on te web.  And in contrast to Flash (where everyone went aaah just at the sight of a jumping chicken) they will now have TV as a frame of reference. 

Amidst the millions (yes millions) of homespun movies and videos which will be appearing on the web, consumers will be looking for professionally produced, entertaining and informative programmes which meet the broadcast quality standards they have gotten used from regular television.

It will be a world without regulatory boundaries on what advertisers can and cannot do, yet also merciless choices being made by consumers deciding what and when to watch.  With the massive choice which will be available, a viewer may only come by a certain website (cf. channel) once in his lifetime and then never again (so much for OTS …)

This means that while today you should already be experimenting with some moving pictures online, tomorrow you'll need to look at your company as a producer of video-content and stories which entertain online consumers.

In a way, it's the return of the soap opera 😉

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