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Immersion - Ambient TV, Addictive MMORPG...

by: Gary Hayes

…and the never changing human.

Senor Hontar: “We must work in the world. The world is thus.”
Father Altamirano: “No Senor Hontar…thus have we made the world. Thus have I made it”
Final lines of the film ‘The Mission’

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Is User-Friendliness a Sure Marketing Bet?

by: Yann Gourvennec

Very often, I hear people say that you have to make your end-user’s lives easier to generate a marketing success. However paved with good intentions this statement may be, I did ask myself the question whether making users’ live easier is a sustainable marketing argument for the development of a business. Here are my thoughts on this subject:

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When Do You Want to Hear 30-second Recommendation Clips?

by: David Jennings

I know the question I'm about to ask must have been posed many times before, but I'm not sure I've ever seen an answer. I've been revisiting my thinking about the different 'modes' in which we listen to music.

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High vs. Low Design

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Content Providers Are Overlooking the Needs of Many of Today's Internet Users

by: Dick Stroud

Why when you read this type of headline do you know that the “many of today’s Internet users” are likely to be the 50-plus?

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Re-Rethinking the User Experience

If I ran a bank that had a Customer Experience department, the first thing I would do is fire everybody in the department (I would, however, keep all the Web site designers).

Here’s what spurred that comment: Adweek recently ran an article title Rethinking The User Experience, in which the author writes:

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Usability Is King and Experience Is the Product

by: Idris Mootee

Transcendent product design is both a matter
of strategy and philosophy. The most common reason product development has gone
wrong is that people stop at the worst time--when the solutions are most
convoluted. It is about going beyond that point to think about the experiences

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Phizzpop Gets Fuzzy

by: David Armano

a big believer that creativity can and often does come from anywhere.
So it came as no surprise to me that at last night's Phizzpop design
challenge, the firm that ended winning the challenge was not a creative

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“Fast Forward: Designing for Constant Change” Study

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Business Week: The Future is 3D

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