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CX is a lot more than social media

Oracle has produced a report called  - Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era. It is free, but you will have to register to get it here.

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How Social is Your Customer Service?

A couple weeks ago, the team at Software Advice published the results of The Great Social Customer Service Race. On the heels of my recent exchanges with the team from @AmericanAir, I thought this was a great time to weigh in on social media customer service.

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Believe in bigger things: There is no social media

We need bigger perspectives; there is no such thing as social media – what are the larger business opportunities created by consumer engagement?

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2.7 billion mobile cameras to ship by 2018 - what this means for brands

Recently I posted about global digital camera shipments out of Japan decreasing by 40%+ - 48% when it comes to entry level cameras.

The reason is of course the increased use of smartphones as people’s main cameras.

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Five services that could become the ‘Instagram of mobile video’

The other week I posted about Socialcam’s numbers, looking at the fact that a service that was once talked up as the Instagram of mobile video has a much smaller user base than previously thought.

Since then I’ve come across several reports by Business Insider and Comscore, pointing out that mobile video as a category does have enormous potential, it just needs someone how to figure out how to do it right.

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Why Publishers Need APIs

Last month I wrote a post questioning why, in the context of exponential growth in the number of companies creating APIs across many sectors, so few publishers were opening up their data and content (at least in part) in this way. The question is applicable to just about every area of publishing that is making the transition from legacy print processes, practices and approaches to those more associated with digital.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Cool in the World of Social Media Marketing

Written by Jason Miller.

Social media is the Wild West of differing opinions. In a split second you can find yourself receiving a virtual hi-five and then immediately involved in a shootout at the OK corral. This is both the beauty and the beast of social media. It can be a marketer’s best friend or your worst enemy depending on your ability to keep your cool.

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What Monkeys Teach Us About Social Media

A social media platform like Twitter is a kind of social science laboratory that can be sliced in various ways. (For some serious social media slicing and dicing, check out the work of my friend Dan Zarrella.)

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2013: The Year Everything Converged

From a media perspective—marketers like to align strategies and tactics along the lines of how things are done at scale. The popular framework goes something like: Paid (advertising), Earned (Word of Mouth), Owned (Corporate) and everything else falls in a somewhat more grey area and from my perspective this is where the action will be for 2013 and beyond.

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Ten things businesses should know about what innovation is and isn’t

Innovation is a common topic of debate and strategies in most businesses (be they new or well established). In the current economic climate, and with the huge potential of the likes of social media data, brands are increasingly looking at innovation (large and small) as a way to beat the competition.

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