Heineken wants your ideas about engaging the 60+

Full marks to Heineken who has decided that there might be some scope in getting a better understanding of the older market.

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Facebook Engagement Case Study: Heineken vs Carlsberg

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Last year both Heineken and Carlsberg declared their intention to increase their marketing spend and so we thought it would be interesting to use analytics tool socialbakers to look at how both brands have fared in terms of their Facebook engagement strategy for the last quarter of this year (for the period 1st September – 13th December 2011).

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I've Lost the Plot

Heineken's "The Entrance" is a 90-second movie about a youngish James Bond-type who strolls through a fancy party doing the exactly right, funny, or utterly cool things, replete with consistent panache and high production values. Check it out on YouTube (you have to sign-in due to the content, which makes no sense since I don't remember anything morally objectionable in it).

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Crowdsourcing and financing music: Sellaband

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It's a small step for mankind, a big step for Rock and Roll....and beer

by: Stefan Kolle

Another innovative use of technology - the branded Skypecast.

Simply put, a Skypecast allows a host to broadcast audiocontent to 100 users at a time. It reminds me of the analyst call Wall Street companies hold regularly. For instance Gizmodo has used it for interviews with tech execs.

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Heineken Halts All TV Advertising

by: Josh Hawkins

The Times Online UK reports today that Heineken has pulled its television ad budget after 30 years of broadcast advertising campaigns. It will redirect its marketing dollars towards point-of-sale promotions and event sponsorship.

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