Sharpen Your Social Marketing: MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing World Recap

by: Rick Siegfried

Our friends at MarketingProfs hosted the most recent installation of their Digital Marketing World virtual conference series last Friday. The topic was that which no marketer can seem to get enough of these days, Social Media. It was interesting to see how social marketing has taken a profound shift from being about brand awareness to being about lead generation. Sharpening the harpoon of your social lead generation strategy is the new white whale that will be wrestled with and “white papered” to no end in this new era.

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Tracking the Royal Wedding in Social Media

Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

It’s the first Royal Wedding of the digital age, and if you use the internet at all, you can’t avoid hearing about it. In addition to news coverage, people all over the world are tweeting, Facebooking and blogging about wedding-related gossip, photos and trivia. Many brands are taking advantage, too, with wedding-themed products like Pieminster‘s commemorative royal pies.

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Google Zeitgeist 2010

Guest Post by: Matthew Rogers

In annual celebration of the year’s events, Google’s ‘Year In Review’ video, Zeitgeist 2010 looks at some of the most talked about subjects.

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[Event]: Book Machine at Harvard Bookstore, 4pm Tue, Sep 29th

On Tuesday, Harvard Bookstore will unveil its new mega-printer from On Demand Books that can spawn 300-page softcover books in around 4 minutes. The machine will be used to print any of the two million public-domain titles scanned by Google.


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Futurelab 1000 Days: Futurelab Romania 75

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Join the Futurelab LiveBlog on Tuesday December 9th

This week we are celebrating the 1000 days of this blog’s existence. To mark the occasion we’ll be organizing a number of digital festivities which will include the launch of a new blog, a Romanian adventure, an update of the Futurelab 100, a report on the future of advertising agencies and … last but not least … a Liveblog in which our contributors give their views on the realities of marketing, strategy, innovation and design.

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Promoting Events and Festivals in a 2.0 World

by: David Jennings

It's been a while since I posted one of the future scenarios that got cut out of Net, Blogs and Rock'n'Roll the book, so here's the fourth in the series.

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