Time to Read the Tea Leaves

It’s that time of year where you cannot open a newspaper without reading predictions for 2010 and rationalisations of 2009. I thought that enough had been written about 2009 but it might be interesting to speculate about the coming 12 months – from the perspective of the things that will be important when marketing to older people.

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AARP's Lifetuner Project Is a Statement of Intent

At the end of October, AARP, the US organization that is all about the 50-plus, launched a Web site and online community designed for 25-to-34-year-olds. Weird or what. It is like Age UK launching a Web site targeted at teenagers. This is how the site describes itself.

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AARP Video - Boomer+ Interrogation

AARP recently created this trade video as a mechanism for overcoming the objections it receives from prospective advertisers regarding the targeting of the 50-plus market.

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The Good Old Recession and the 50-plus

I have already referenced that I was talking at a conference in Switzerland about “Mature Marketing”.

You can now see and hear what I was saying by downloading this Flash version of the presentation. Enjoy – probably not the right word. Be worried – probably more appropriate.

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Spending Power of the 50-plus

I have given up blogging about the economic importance of the 50-plus on the basis that everybody knows all about that and it doesn’t need it to be endlessly repeated.

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50-plus Business Ventures - Lessons from the US

Each year a competition takes place, at Santa Clara University, called the Boomer Summit where start-up businesses pitch for a prize for the best business concept aimed at the Boomer market.

So where do our friends in the US see the future of Boomer ventures. These are the concepts of the five finalists:

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The Bookends Generations

Marketers instinctively look for the unique characteristics of individual consumer groups/segments to be able to tailor an offering and the communications to resonate with their special needs/requirements.

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A Car for the Green Boomer?

by: Dick Stroud

It would seem that Tesla reckons that their Roadster sports car should be attractive to the older ‘green’ conscious 50-plus. Let’s hope the potential customers aren’t viewers of the UK’s favourite car programme.

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