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Pyrrhic “Pobeda” or a business case for customer centricity in a low-cost airline

A few days ago a flight attendant of a Russian low-cost airline “Pobeda” had the police take into custody a young family of 3, who had refused to follow the airline rules on board.  The baby was crying non-stop, the parents spotted an empty row of upgrade-only seats and decided to move there, despite the demands of the flight attendant, who pointed out that the passengers had to either pay for the upgrade, or return to their original non-upgrade seats in different locations of the plane.
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Summer Reading List: 17 Great Books Every Innovator Should Read

 After nearly seven years writing this blog, I’ve decided to start work on a book about innovation. While there is certainly no shortage of great innovation books on the market, I feel strongly that the time has come for a different approach and I think there is much I can add to the discussion.

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Scale-up Your Brand — Start with a Brand Diagnostic

Breaking up may be the hardest thing to do in relationships,* but scaling up may be the hardest thing to do in business. Something like nine out of 10 start-ups fail. 

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Is Your Company Suffering from Morbus Digitalis

Mark Ritson defines this condition of Morbus Digitalis as: "An overstimulated, often hallucinogenic, imagination when it comes to the business potential of social media."

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Making Useless Nails vs. Achieving Your Desired Outcome

Which metrics have you selected to track your customer experience improvement efforts?

I've got a lot of questions about the metric(s) you've chosen to measure customer sentiment about the experience with your company and to track your progress toward improving that experience.

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Design Your Brand Touchpoints

A brand touchpoint is any way a person in the marketplace interacts with your brand - so practically every brand has hundreds of touchpoints and each plays a role in shaping brand perception. So we must consider brand touchpoint design and management critical to building a strong, valuable brand.

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Managing with a Soul

“Managing without soul has become an epidemic in society. Many managers these days seem to specialize in killing cultures, at the expense of human engagement.” That’s what management guru Henry Mintzberg recently wrote about the current state of corporate culture on his blog.

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Lean and the Customer Experience Journey

Is your company a lean company? Should it be?

The concept of lean management came up a few times in the last week or two; that kind of coincidence always inspire me to write about the topic at hand.

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Do you speak customer? Then speak to us…

We worked with one of Central Europe’s biggest insurers.
We made them cry.
At their senior leadership conference. 
Proper tears.
We worked with the world’s biggest car manufacturer.
We made them dance.
On their desks. 
We’re Futurelab. We get involved. We get passionate. We get results. That’s why we’re set on becoming Europe’s brightest, boldest and most successful customer-centricity consultancy. Want to join? 
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