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Putting The Customer At The Centre of Your Business

Now and then a question comes along that provokes my thinking. Here’s a question that I came across recently expressed in different ways:

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‘Customer Experience’-Experience

The most powerful learnings come from reflecting upon your own experiences. And telling about them. Here’s a story I love to share:

We were sitting in one of the largest meeting rooms available. Still it was rather small for the audience of 15+ supervisors and their managers of a large holiday resort. Everything in the back-office was rather small, for any space that could be made available for frontoffice (read: commercial) activities, was made available to that. Smoking was still allowed, so quite some in the room did.

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Scale-up your brand — determine your key brand differentiators

Differentiation may quite possibly be the top priority in brand development. In today’s competitive business environment, simply being better than other brands no longer creates a sustainable advantage. Your brand must be different. As you scale-up your brand, it is critical to identify and develop your key brand differentiators.

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Five Checks for your NPS Programme

Net Promoter programmes have rightfully become a staple of many businesses. But as can be seen from CustomerGauge's recent NPS benchmark report, every programme can be improved.

So, as 2017 is looming on the horizon, I want to propose five areas in which you might want to check whether your Net Promoter programme is up to scratch.  Or - if it isn’t - whether you should start planning some improvements in the coming year.

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Keep Them Happy: How to Make Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Skyrocket

You think your customers are happy. But have you ever taken a step back to evaluate (and quantify) what they aren’t telling you?

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A ‘Fresh’ Look At Customer Retention and Loyalty (Part I)

It isn’t just Donald Trump that mixes tidbits of fact with much fiction to appeal to those eager to believe. This is also the case when it comes to the business world. Especially so when we get to customer-centricity, customer experience, customer loyalty….. Whilst some folks can tell that Trump is talking nonsense, in the Customer arena it is that much harder to separate fact from fiction, and useful advice from nonsense. So, today, let’s take a fresh look at customer retention and loyalty.

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CX Journey™ Musings: Customer Experience is the Next...

We've all heard it. What gives?

We've all seen the reports and the studies and the statistics that "customer experience is the next... battlefield, competitive battleground, competitive advantage, competitive frontier, marketing, ___ [fill in the blank]."

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Does Selling Services Create Value for a Product Firm?

There are many popular stories about product companies like IBM and GE transitioning successfully to service-based sales. And while there are also stories of the occasional failure such as Boeing’s offer of financial services, the conventional wisdom is increasingly that all product firms should transition from dependence on product sales to selling value-added services. But is this valid?

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Reciprocity Power: A Study That May Shock You

Doctors in the U.S. are generally well-compensated. One survey showed that family practitioners earn $227,000 per year, while some specialties can hit $400,000 – $600,000.

One would hardly expect a cheap free lunch to influence which drugs they prescribe for their patients.

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Pyrrhic “Pobeda” or a Business Case for Customer Centricity in a Low-cost Airline

A few days ago a flight attendant of a Russian low-cost airline “Pobeda” had the police take into custody a young family of 3, who had refused to follow the airline rules on board.  The baby was crying non-stop, the parents spotted an empty row of upgrade-only seats and decided to move there, despite the demands of the flight attendant, who pointed out that the passengers had to either pay for the upgrade, or return to their original non-upgrade seats in different locations of the plane.
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