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6 Steps to Help You Put Customers at the Center of the Organization, Part 1

I originally wrote today's post for Clicktools. It was published on their blog on September 28, 2016.

In this first part of a two-part series, I'll outline some important ways to ensure that your company is putting the customer at the center of all it does.

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6 Things You Can Do to Advance Your Career in the CX Profession

What can I do to advance my career in - or to get started in - the customer experience profession?

I'm asked about this on a regular - quite frankly, almost weekly - basis. That's exciting because I love when people see this as a great career progression or a field to they want to get into. The more people we can have on the customer's team, the better.

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5 retail trends you can’t afford to miss

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, you haven’t missed how dramatically the retail industry and shopping has changed.  But with so much change, it’s sometimes hard to tell the forest for the trees.  Thankfully the folks at RetailNext have identified five retail trends that you can’t afford to miss.

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Make Life Easier By Asking Only One or Two Questions of Your Customers

I find myself living in an age where we take good ideas and squeeze the life out of them through inappropriate implementation.

It occurs to me that the scourge of the customer-centric fad is customer surveys. It seems to me that just about every large organisation that I deal with asks me for my feedback through some kind of survey.  And this scourge is not limited to these big organisations. On my last visit to my GP’s (doctor’s) surgery I was asked to fill in a survey – it was over ten pages long!

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Which best brand list is right?

BrandZ just published its annual brand valuation report weeks after Forbes released its best brand list.  The dramatic differences between the lists caused some head scratching among businesspeople.  When Interbrand‘s report comes out later this year and inevitably reports more different numbers, confusion is likely to grow.  Unfortunately if

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If the customer experience is so important why don't companies take it seriously?

Kim Walker and I have been banging on about the pathetic way that most companies manage the customer experience to account for older consumers. We have written the book on the subject and produced the software that enables companies to measure and improve the usability for how they serve older customers.

Yet still they get it wrong.

Last week there was an article in Marketing Week that explained the confusion that exists over who is responsible for the  customer experience.

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Ignite CX & EX to power up your business

Last week I debuted a new speaking topic, Power Up! Ignite CX & EX to Fuel Your Growth.  This talk outlines why and how employee experience (EX) excellence leads to customer experience (CX) excellence.  The client told me my presentation was exactly what the company needed to help its people understand the critical link between CX & EX, so I thought I’d share a few points here.

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How to give presentations with punch

How do some speakers manage to captivate their audiences?  You know the kind of speakers I’m talking about.  People hang onto every word they say, believe every idea they introduce, and walk away from their talks convinced they must do what they were taught.  Some speakers give presentations with punch.  How?

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Digital Labs Need Runways To Take Off

Digital technology is now a part of our everyday lives and has been around for well over two decades. But despite its seeming ubiquity, and the fact that it’s on the core agenda of every enterprise, digital technology has only just begun to impact industries—and it’s about to make its biggest disruptive impact yet.

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