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My 9 Top Tips for Implementing Change – #likeminds(1/10)

my Like Minds keynote on intrapreneurship (1/10)

Tomorrow, on the 19th of October 2011, in Exeter in Devon, I will be keynoting once again at the famous Like minds events. My keynote this time will not be about social media per se, but about change management and intrapreneurship. The keynote is entitled “confessions of an intrapreneur”.

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Pepsico: from Crisps to “Innovation Incubator”

PepsiCo UK, the company behind famous CPG brands such as Gatorade, 7up or Walkers may not be a high-tech giant as such but it has a knack for joint innovation anyway. The company indeed created an innovation challenge entitled PepsiCo10, the aim of which is to reward 10 digital entrepreneurs in the fields of social commerce and mobile technologies out of 130 applicants.

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The Google+ Circle Ease-of-use Mystery

Are Google Plus Circles so Easy To Use?

Now that the dust has settled a bit on Google Plus and that there are – supposedly – more than 25 million users, or at least registered not-so-active users, of this service, I am still trying to figure out what I could do with it.

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New Shopping Carts Being Implemented at Last … but Not by IDEO

The future of the shopping cart is here, at last. In this interesting story, Yannig Roth provides a follow up to the early developments of new style shopping carts as was described in a famous 1998 IDEO video. As Roth puts it in his post, this is a subject which I had debated a few times already (check http://bit.ly/ideosc for details) but what is interesting is that IDEO’s principles are now being implemented by … companies which have nothing to do with IDEO.

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Innovation in Market Research (with Audio Track)

Here is one of my latest presentations on the status and the future of online research including the audio track in order to make it easier to understand where I’m coming from. Duration: 40 minutes, sharp!

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Latin America: the Emerging Social Media Region

Michelle Chmielewski from Synthesio gives us an interesting update on Social Media usage in Latin America. I like the hat namely, very fetchy Michelle!


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Self Proclaimed “Social Media” Experts Getting on My Nerves

I know I shouldn’t get angry, this is not done. Yet, the recent flurry of self-proclaimed “experts” in the Social Media arena is more than getting on my nerves; it is purely and simply making my life – and the lives of my fellow practitioners – impossible and it makes us wonder how much you can get away with in that business? Hold on, it reminds me of something …

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Storsimple’s Ursheet Parikh Battles against “Cloud Washing” and Redefines Cloud Computing with Hybrid Cloud Strategy

note: this piece was originally written for the Orange Business Live blog

On November 15, after Zscaler, we visited Storsimple, provider of Hybrid Cloud technology. Ursheet Parikh is one of the 2 co-founders and the CEO of Storsimple, a promising start-up operating in the storage domain, based in Santa Clara, Calif.

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Local vs. International Social Media Platforms: A Thorough Study by Sofrecom

Carlos Jordan de Urries (left) and Chrystele Bazin (below), senior consultants at Sofrecom (a France Telecom Company) have updated us on the status of Social Media in emerging markets last Monday in Cairo. In this presentation, we’ll focus less on international Social media platforms and more on what the motivations are for people to follow – or not follow – brands like Coca Cola for instance.

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The Status of Social Media in the Middle East Straight from the Arabian Horse’s Mouth in Cairo

I have just come back from Cairo, where I was invited by the heads of the Cairo Orange Labs (see the video here) and their French counterparts in order to perform a presentation of what we do at Orange Business Services in the field of social media for a large carrier. I had the opportunity to present in front of a panel of representatives its form various carriers from the region including our local partner Mobinil.
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