Tailored for Mobile

With dismay I observe Ian Carrington, Googles mobile director, exclaim that if a company's website is not tailored for mobile handsets, they are literally begging to loose marketing share. (via and Dagens Næringsliv).

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Websites that Suck Increase Stress

We know that slow, balky, and confusing websites aren’t a good thing. Traffic metrics show this, as does conversion data. Google, whom some think of as passively indexing the web, believes quick-loading pages are essential to a good user experience. Google is, in fact, actively trying to speed up websites (and keep their search users happy) by making page load time a ranking factor. (See Barry Schwartz’s article at Search Engine Land describing Google’s Matt Cutts commentary at Pubcon.)

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New FutureLab site in 'Public Beta'

A couple of years overdue, and a few months late (as these things always seem to go), we are proud to put our new site in public beta: Although the site is not entirely finished yet (some functionalities have not been activated yet, and most importantly, only about 1/3 of the content has been added), we think we're ready for feedback.

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