Why Sh*T Matters in Design. What?

by: Design Translator

This little video excerpt by Allan Chochinov (of Core77 fame), during his presentation at the PSFK Conference New York 08, talks about his observations he made of his students after he asks them to design the perfect pooper-scooper.


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Discover Magazine video of moi

by: danah boyd

Last fall, I did an interview for Discover Magazine about my research. I still think that I look strange in video, but I figured others might appreciate it.

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Blended Distribution Strategies & New Marketing Opportunities

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National School Boards Association pushes for SNS adoption in schools

by: Danah Boyd

While the Attorneys General are off demonizing social network sites, the National Schools Board Association has been collecting data on all of the good things that teenagers are doing with the sites, including learning about colleges, talking about homework, engaging in collaborative projects, and otherwise operating as active learners.

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Brilliant Video On Social Bookmarking Even Your Mother Will Understand

by: Karl Long

Also check out their introduction to wikis. Reminds me of the wonderful series of posts on Lifehacker called UltraNewb that are basic lifehacks for the non-nerds.

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Age neutral ad campaign from Jeep

by: Dick Stroud

Chuck Nyren told me about this new ad campaign from Jeep as a good example of age neutral advertising. Absolutely right.

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Ageing Web video

Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Philantropy - WISE co-founder Etienne Eichenberger

by: Alexander Osterwalder

Today I did a webcast with Etienne Eichenberger, co-founder of WISE (and formerly at the World Economic Forum WEF), to talk about his fascinating start-up.

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Experience is the New Reality

by: David Armano

Hmmmm, I wonder what Jakob Nielson would say about me posting this video? I mean, it's kind of interesting and I think the voice reminds me of Ricardo Montalban saying "Corinthian Leather" in the old Chrysler Cordoba ads.

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'The consumer is being consumed'

by: Dominic Basulto

This video clip from 1973 is an oldie but goodie. New York Magazine recently profiled sculptor Richard Serra, who is currently the subject of a new 40-year retrospective exhibit at MoMA.

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