Social Marketing Down on Hype Cycle Graph

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Superb Presentation: Video Gaming Trends

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Via: Advertising Pawn - Video Gaming Trends

One's got to love this presentation! 54 oh-my-god-this-is-awesome slides packed with dare, motherly affection, and a good dash of future; to better grasp where gaming stands today.

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Opportunity Knocks, and It's Google & Facebook Pt. 1

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

(This essay was co-authored with Jeff Molander, Web marketing expert, speaker and CEO of Molander & Associates Inc.)

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Can Search Engines Turn into Prediction Engines? We Are Not Only Searching Online but Could Be Influencing the Real World

by: Idris Mootee

We all know how bad the real estate market is. Although the pace of the housing slow down is now decelerating, but there is no bottom in sight. And seasonally, we usually see an uptick in activity in Aug, as last minute closings take place before the new school year begins. No such bump happened in Aug 08, as sales slipped 2.2% for the month. Is this the bottom? Who has the answer?

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Virtual Worlds at the Center of Technology and Society Trends

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What Are Your 2008 Predictions and Business Goals

by: Rick van der Wal via Business and Games Blog

Earlier I reported about Virtual World News’ survey amongst 45 big players in the field of Virtual Worlds, and now they want bloggers to answer the same questions:

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Our Latest Trend Forecast: Widget Culture, Crowd Madness, Eco-Maniac, Privacy Frantic and Nearly Free

by: Idris Mootee

A very busy Sunday night trying to get ahead before week starts. I have been getting lots of calls and emails from organizations that want to discuss equity partnership with Idea Couture last few weeks. They range from agency holding companies to big tech players. Will continue with these dialogues and in the meantime work out our 2 year plan. Just reviewing our latest trend forecast for the next 18 months and I thought I would share some of them with you here.

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Top 5 Consumer Trends to Watch for 2007

by: Design Translator

Something that has always been a career hazard for a designer is being out in front, absorbing information, and then synthesizing to predict what the next big consumer trends are. 

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Trends in the 2007's Business and Design Landscape

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Endless Innovation Business Trends: June 2008

by: Dominic Basulto

Largely as an outgrowth of client work over the past quarter, I've put together a brief overview of four business trends that are worth keeping an eye on over the remainder of 2008:

(1) Social Data
(2) Micro-Payments for Online Social Experiences
(3) Content Mashups
(4) "Live" experiences (that really aren't "live")

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