Stories Synchronize Brains

An ongoing story (so to speak) here at Neuromarketing is the power of stories to engage readers and listeners. Now, there’s new brain scan evidence that shows a startling phenomenon: when one person tells a story and the other actively listens, their brains actually begin to synchronize.

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Social Media and the Rebirth of the Storyteller

In online communities it is the content that matters most. People talk to and with each other not because they know each other or are already connected. Rather, because they share a similar interest, question, concern, ambition, query, challenge or other issue. People engage with each other on content and not on connections. You can meet and share ideas with strangers because you are both interested in the subject.

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The Power of Text

What makes an engaging television commercial? If you think visual and auditory appeal – action, sound, music, people, color, etc. – you would usually be correct. Ditto for high production values. An exotic location might help, too.

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A Wide-ranging (and Free) E-book on Narrative

Kathy Hansen of the A Storied Career blog has been conducting interviews of storytelling figures large and small for nearly two years now, and has collected these into an e-book, available via this link.

I’ve been following the interview series with interest and, as mentioned in the title of this post, it’s a very wide-ranging look at storytelling and its uses. As such, there’s some of it that doesn’t speak to me very much. On the other hand, there are parts that I find extremely valuable. Like this…

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Storytelling and Social Media

Guest Post by: Charlie Osmond

Social Media is all about conversations. It’s people connecting, interacting and sharing content. And whether it’s online or in the real world, the most engaging conversations involve other people’s stories.

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Brand Storytelling and Google Analytics

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Who Owns Social Media?

by: David Polinchock

This article by Joseph Jaffe over at Adweek generated a whole lot of negative comments when it was put up earlier this week. Most of the comments seems to take Jaffe top task personally, for using the Adweek platform to support his own company, which may well be the case. The problem, however, is that a real message is getting buried in a lot of language that's not really the point.

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The Power of the Story

by: John Winsor

Video is making stories so much more human. So much more powerful.

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'Sesame Street Simple' Communication with a Story

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Your Voices Needed to Help a Worthy Project

by: John Caddell

Can the sharing of stories bring a community together?

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