"Elegant" Is Often Reserved for Use in the High Design World. So What Does It Mean for Engineering, Interface or Business Models? Can Business Learn from This Design Principle?

El·e·gant, an adjective and defined or characterized by or exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty of manner, form, or style. Mark Jacob? Chanel? Jil Sander? Hermes? All are elegant by design. What about Amazon Kindle? Apple iPhone? Or GE? Or P&G? Are they elegant? It is a word reserved for the design world.

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Simplicity Sells

Sometimes, if not most times, the best solution is also the simplest one. Why develop a complex device to connect two irregularly sized shapes when a bit of sellotape will do? Why ask people a series of complex questions about improving your product when what you really want to know is “how could we do things better”? And why provide complex levels of interactivity and engagement on your website when all you want is to get a few conversations going?

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The Magic of Simplicity

by: John Winsor

Johnny Lee shows how innovation driven by simplicity can be truly magical. Amazing.

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The Art of Visual Thinking

by: Guy Kawasaki

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How I Simplified My Life and Became a More Efficient Designer

by: Design Translator

What a mess!

About 5 or 6 months ago, I decided that I needed to simplify my life.

Due to a lot of diverse interests and that little bit of an overachiever in me, I have a bad habit of taking on and doing more than I can actually handle. Furthermore, the fact that I tend to lose interests in things very quickly or jump around on different projects does not help me one bit at all. Coupled with the stresses of my job, I was just flat out overloaded!

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If You Want Customers to Be Happy, Give Them Less Product Information

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