Why the “Like” Button Is Less Valuable than You Think

For many, there is a desperation for a “Like”. As one of the planners said here the other day, if someone asked you “do you like me?” in every single conversation, you would probably hit them or think they were a bit weird. 2010 has certainly be the year of the “Like” and fortunately, in 2011 sensible people will be trying to put a value on what this actually means.

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Online Gamers Leave American Cars for Imports

by: Scott Goodson

The majority of gamers own American-made cars (24% Ford, 18% Chevrolet). However, 79% are planning to buy an import for their next car (41% Toyota, 41% Honda, 25% Nissan and others).

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Comfort Shopping: Sad Customers Buy More

by: Roger Dooley

Most merchants would include "happy customers" as a key part of their
mission. Oddly, new research shows that sad customers are likely to
spend more money when shopping. Merely watching a sad video clip caused
subjects to pay nearly four times as much for a water bottle than
subjects who watched an emotionally neutral clip.

The new study released
Friday by researchers from four universities goes further, trying to

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The Margin Challenge of Being Green

by: Alain Thys

When listening to the case of TNT Post's sustainability efforts at Marktplein 2.0, I could only conclude that no good deed goes unpunished. And as it's a situation which many companies going "green" may be facing soon, it's one to start thinking about today.

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