Presentations for Impact 2.0 – The Presentation Mindset and the Six Core Types of Presentations

In a previous post,  I attempted to split the atom on what made for a great presentation.

I arrived at the conclusion that beyond some general guidelines, any format could work depending on the idea, how it catered itself to the presenter and how it delivered to its audience.

Of course, usability, utility, clarity and desirability  were all important.

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Avoiding Death by Powerpoint, the Neuro Way

Conference-goers know that at any given meeting, they will be subjected to a range of presentations – some interesting, others, well, not so interesting. Conference organizers don’t like to offer a podium to inept or boring presenters, of course – bad performances will drive away the paying customers. The approach conference organizers usually employ is to poll the audience about each presentation, asking about the content, the quality of the presentation, and so on. This is done after the fact, but at least low-scoring presenters can be crossed off the list for the next conference. Of course, this constant polling (often by paper questionnaires) is tedious and annoying for the conference attendees.

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PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid

I read with a mixture of shock and smug satisfaction the recent New York Times story in which a Marine Corps general said “PowerPoint makes us stupid.” It turns out the popular presentation format has been messing up American war strategists just like it has confounded corporate planners. 

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Good PowerPoint Design - a Strategic Business Tool

by: Alexander Osterwalder

Have you ever "sold" a business project to your management or a venture to a financier? Did you ever happen to use PowerPoint or a similar presentation tool? Probably yes. Well, how much time did you invest in your slide deck? Were your slides beautiful?

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Profile of Campaigns and Web Sites Supplying Diabetic Products and Services

by: Dick Stroud

Chuck Nyren is now on a roll and creating audio-PowerPoint presentations like there is no tomorrow.

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Online Music Fan Community Powerpoint

by: Nancy Baym

At by:Larm a number of people asked me to share the powerpoints of my talk. In it I argue that the internet has transformed fandom because it expands fans’ reach, transcends distance, supports archiving, provides group infrastructure, enables new forms of communication and lessens social distance.

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Ten Questions with Garr Reynolds

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When Presentation Eclipses Story

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20/20 vision for corporate innovators: Pecha Kucha

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