2008 Metaverse Tour Video: The Social Virtual World's a Stage

by: Gary Hayes

Gary Hazlitt and Gazlitt (aka as me!) take a ‘break’ in over fifty worlds comprising the current metaverse, here is the holiday video…

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Online Readers Compose Their Own Beginning Middle End

by: Lynette Webb

The idea for this slide came from a recent article in the NYT about how the internet is impacting literacy:

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An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube Presented to the Library of Congress June 23rd

by: Karl Long

This is a wonderful video presentation on YouTube that focuses the anthropology, the behavior, and the culture that YouTube is enabling. This is a wonderful video from an educational standpoint and I plan to use it in the upcoming course on social media I will be teaching in the fall at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

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Rebooting America

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How Not to Use Facebook for Marketing

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Forrester Research report about US Technographics

by: Dick Stroud

Technographics, what a nice word. No idea what it means but it does sound important and something you and I should know about.


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A Penny for Your Brain Fodder

by: danah boyd

My blog is boring these days. Most of my writing energy is being spent on my dissertation. And I promise, none of you want to hear details of how I fine-tune my methodology chapter. I can't even keep you entertained with outrageous tales of sordid trysts because, well, there aren't any. Hell, I barely leave the house.

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With 20% of UK Shopping Online Are Retailers Ready?

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How Trent Reznor Nails It

by: Nancy Baym

Along with Radiohead (though in fact far beyond them), Trent Reznor is often held up as one of the heroes of new media music promotion. This raises the usual litany of questions: Could this work for a new band without a huge following? Is this unique to him? Is this THE FUTURE? Blah blah blah?

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You Might Be a Digital Anthropologist...

by: David Armano

Upon recently talking about micro-interactions to the folks at Citi, I had a “micro-epiphany.” It occurred to me that companies really need to be looking at the social revolution for possibly one reason over everything else. Insights into human behavior that can lead to future innovations or even product/service improvements.

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