One for the Weekend: Apple ... You're Beautiful

by: Alain Thys

Today I had a lunch meeting in which the topics of conversation included Net Promoter Score, delighting customers and making sure consumers care enough to carry your brand's message into the world.  Yet when you put all the buzzwords aside, I think this video of an Apple fan and her dream says it all.  

Would your customers care enough about your brand to include your brand in something like this?

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4. Practice attention marketing – and make it measurable

by: Jon Miller

Customers today have become adept at tuning out unwanted marketing. Personally, I am in the business of marketing, and yet still I tune out as much marketing as I can.

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Top Ten Trends in Marketing Innovation

by: Stefan Kolle

I’ve put together the 10 key trends I see for 2007 in Marketing Innovation. None of these are new, except for Net Promoter Scores which have only been around for a few years.

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Measuring Emotion in the Customer Experience

by: Chris Lawer

We have been doing some work recently helping a client identify appropriate means to measure  emotions in the customer experience.

Here are some example methods which I briefly describe:


Used by: Intuit, American Express, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, GE Capital, Norwich Union

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Lousy Customer Satisfaction-It’s a Global Phenomenon!

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Promoters Versus Detractors

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