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The Real Mobile Opportunity

I was on a podcast panel a few weeks ago and we got to debate whether coupons were the killer app for mobile marketing. I said I didn’t think so, though the idea is certainly valid and lucrative The real mobile opportunity, however, makes coupons look like a Foursquare check-in.

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Mobile Commerce: How Brands Are Falling Behind

Guest Post by: Katie Glass

A recent report has revealed that the majority of premium brands are failing to keep up-to-date with the opportunities presented by mobile marketing.

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The Five Things That Will Make Mobile Marketing Even Bigger in 2011

Thanks to my good friend and future business collaborator David Fieldhouse for this five quick predictions for mobile in 2011. In all honesty, Dave could have written a list three or four times as long as this, yet managed to condense his fantastic knowledge into five simple points. These are the things that Dave, founder of Lucidity Mobile, believes will be happening for brands in 2011:
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12 Reasons to Rethink Mobile

Mobile is at the forefront of rethinking communication. But in order to understand its potential we need to look beyond the SMS’s, the appvertising and the text voting. We need to stop thinking of mobile as a technology and a tool, and look at it through the eyes of people and their behavioral abilities; because its people, not features, that should drive innovation in communication.

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A Comprehensive Report about the UK Communications Market

The 2009 Ofcom Communications Market Report is published, all 332 pages of it.

Want to know anything about the TV, Radio and telecommunications markets in the UK then look no further. And it’s is free. Well it is not free, the UK taxpayer pays Ofcom a fortune for producing the thing but it gives the impression of being free.

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