McKinsey Report: What Marketers Are Saying about Social Media

Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

A survey by McKinsey has examined the use of digital tools and technologies across the marketing departments of  792 companies from a range of industries, titles, company sizes and countries.

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The Impact of Word-of-mouth Marketing: a McKinsey Report

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

We’ve been extolling the virtues of word-of-mouth marketing over big-budget advertising for some time now, and when a firm of consultants like McKinsey start doing the same thing it really feels like our message is hitting home.

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An Antidote to Cheerfulness

by: Dick Stroud

If you have woken, heard the news about the bungee stock market (now in plunge mode), seen the value of house and share portfolio plummet but are still feeling chipper – then have a read of these comforting words from McKinsey.

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Customer-inventors: the Next Step in Open Innovation

by: Matt Rhodes

An article in the current edition of the McKinsey Quarterly looks at Open Innovation, the way that some companies conduct their innovation externally, rather than it being a proprietary and internal process.

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Interactive Marketers, the New Stick in the Muds?

by: Karl Long

Is the web really moving so fast that the recently, bold, innovative, interactive marketers are now the “traditional” media? Are they obsessed with RIA/Flash based “orgies” for the senses and missing the boat a little on the “new” marketing, the conversational marketing, the blog marketing, the social software etc.

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Can A Media Buying Giant Reinvent Itself?

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How are Companies Marketing Online?

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Strategy and Innovation: from Clausewitz to Lao Tzu

by: Idris Mootee

The most amazing thing with strategic experience innovation is that it takes one kind of company and leadership to create the idea and another kind of company to scale it up and drive industry transformation and we see it in markets after market.

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Climate Change and the Cusp of Lost Opportunity

by: Joel Makower

On the eve of this week's UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, two new reports show how tantalizingly able we are to reduce our climate footprint -- and how frustratingly far we are from taking the needed steps to do so.

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Why Users Create Content

by: Roger Dooley

A key aspect of Web 2.0 is letting users create or enhance a site’s content. This sounds great, but in practice can be hard to achieve. The Web is littered with dead forums, unreviewed products, spammed-out wikis, and other failed attempts to build user-created sites.

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