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Marketing Messages Are Simply Another Bee in the Hive

Cynthia Kurtz starts off a recent blog post with a provocative statement: “Telling a story is not always the best way to tell a story.”

She continues:

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Branding, the Island

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Billions have been spent on systems intended to strengthen relationships between companies and consumers. Endless books have been written about it. You can't have a conversation at work, or produce a slide presentation, without talking about how much you worship customers, believe in customer-centricity, or otherwise praise their position as your Guiding Light.

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B2B Marketing Communications: Thought Leadership with Dianna Huff

by: Jon Miller

The next interview in our B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Dianna Huff, B2B Marketing Communications Consultant.

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The Hottest New Agency for the Year Is WANAA!

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Engagement Without Connectivity, It's Just Advertising

by: Scott Goodson

Advertising can suck.

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Defining Green Brand Leadership

by: David Wigder

“We will not be measured by our aspirations. We will be measured by our actions”                   

– Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott in making sustainability part of his core strategy

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The 7 Secrets of a Good Marketing Budget

by: Alain Thys

By now you should be close to having all of your top-line budgets approved and be heavily into the detail of spending the marketing funds you've just been entrusted with. Yet before you rush off to fill the pockets of agency wizards and media-moguls, I'd like to stir things up a bit. For this post, I have come up with 7 budget recommendations against which to benchmark your decisions.

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Uncomfortable Truths (Part Two)

By: Alain Thys

Writing the second part of this post was hard. Not because I didn't know what I wanted to say, but because the need to summarize it into a readable blogpost meant leaving out important nuances...

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Marketing Role, Part 3

by: Jennifer Rice

Thanks to Paul at BrandAutopsy for the following comment to my post on the role of marketing:

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New Role of Marketing, Cont'd

by: Jennifer Rice

Thanks to David Foster at PhotonCourier for his comment on my recent post on the new role of marketing. He says,

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