On the Decline of Magazines

People love a good a good funeral (and as David Hepworth put it "in the digital age they don't even have to dress for it"). In only the past few days I've read two articles that pronounce the 'death' of marketing (only to then go on to explain how marketing is still very much alive, albeit changing. *Sigh*). So it is not without some disheartenment that I read articles about the troubles of a medium which is close to my heart: magazines.

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Layar and Magazines

People have been trying for years to crack the idea of creating some kind of interplay between print media and screen media. Unfortunately most of the offerings that people have come up with have never achieved any kind of traction, mostly because they've been simply too, well, clunky.


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Officially Launching the First and Only Design Thinking and Innovation Magazine - M/I/S/C. Available in 18 Countries. Now Reviewing Proposals for Foreign Language Editions.

Great launch party last night for M/I/S/C, second launch party in San Francisco in a few weeks... and then Shanghai. 200+ cool people showed up. Food is good... and the cupcakes too. Special thanks to the folks who pulled this off in such a short time...  Ashley, Lucy, Marla, Sherry, Jessica, Christian, Brooke and a few others... great job!

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Body Image: Men vs. Women

Browse through the magazines at the supermarket checkout line, and you’ll find that almost every one oriented to a female audience has some kind of a weight loss plan on the cover. Male-oriented magazines, meanwhile, are more likely to show an attractive woman instead of a guy showing off the results of his three-week miracle diet. While one might attribute the glut of diet articles to the overall rate of obesity in the U.S., new research shows that the magazine editors may be exploiting body image concerns that are “hardwired” into the brains of all women.

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Five Magazines You Have Never Read

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Someone famous (Ogilvy?) said that it was a good idea to make a habit of picking up magazines that are outside of your usual set.

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Age-generic or age-specialist

by: Dick Stroud

A sports mag for older people (GeezerJock) and its decision to launch a new title, just for the older cyclists (Master Cyclists), may not sound to be of much importance, but I think it is.
This is what this new mag is all about.

We'll provide the in-depth coverage of all the essential Masters cycling races in every discipline -- from road racing to mountain biking to cyclo-cross.

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