Bright Lights Project: Kindle

BookExpo America, the annual event for the authors, agents, publishers, distributors, and assorted vendors of the book industry, just concluded last week in New York City. The gig was filled with handshakes and the tote bags filled with galleys and schwag, or so I read on Fortune's website.

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Free Marketing Books for Kindle from Amazon

If you know me, you know I’m always reading a new business or marketing book.  That said, it can get expensive buying every new book that hits the market.  According to, there were over 11,000 new business books released last year alone – and I think that’s a conservative estimate.

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How Much Money Are Apple and Amazon Making from Selling the iPad and the Kindle?

Getting ready for the iPod coming to an Apple store near you, iTunes TV show downloads is about to happen. Apple will be offering US TV shows for $1 each, as reported by the Financial Times. This coincides with the scheduled release of the iPad sometime in April in an attempt to pull adoption. TV episodes are normally $1.99 for standard-definition and $2.99 for high-definition through iTunes.

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Re-examining Kindle Pricing

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Showtime Samples TV Content on Kindle

Showtime is offering a free Kindle download of the pilot script of the upcoming TV show Nurse Jackie.

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Electronic Ink Publishing Almost Here?

by: Ilya Vedrashko

You might have seen one of yesterday's top tech stories about sales predictions for the Kindle e-reader (378K to be sold in '08). If true, it's a good news for Amazon, but also an important development for the publishing industry, and by extention, the ad biz.

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