The New iPod Shuffle: I'm Sorry, but What's the Point?

by: Design Translator

I had a little shiver of anticipation when I heard from a colleague that Apple had released a new iPod Shuffle. What did the boys from Cupertino think up next?

When Apple’s homepage finished loading up, my immediate response was “What the hell is that?”

Also suitably confused I asked myself “Why”?

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The Exemplary Labrador Records

by: Nancy Baym

Absolut Noise has an interesting interview with Johan Andergård who works behind the scenes at Sweden’s Labrador Records, and is a musician in several Swedish indie bands including The Acid House King, The Legends, and (my favorite of the three) Club 8.

I was particularly interested in this excerpt:

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ipod is most recent advance in portable cocooning

by: Lynette Webb

I’ve got iPods on the brain today. Here’s another quote from the same article (and book).

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ipod scroll has made us a skipforward generation

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no-one would have believed ipod more popular than beer

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IPod Vending Machine

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More and Better (Adver)Games Come to iPod

by: Ilya Vedrashko

As long anticipated, more games are finally coming down iPod's way through iTunes as Jobs works to make the device more than just an MP3 player (whose cool, we hear, is fading).

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Microsoft Portable Music Player

by: David Polinchock

I've been reading about Microsoft's venture into the world of the iPod for a few days, but this piece from Engadget had something that really blew me away! MS will scan your iTunes account and pay for you to add those songs to their new player. Ingenious, I say!

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Rumor: Future iPods Could Play Games

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All Wikipedia on Your iPod

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