Designing Identities Part 3 - Insight and Process

The third and final part of an article on creativity, design and identity was published last week on This last installment discusses the amount of sameness and identical thinking behind our processes for discovering new ideas. And proposes one alternative solution…

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Designing Identities Part 2 - The Communication Pyramid

If creativity and design is the process of exploring and articulating the product, then what is the product?

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Designing Identities Part 1 - Creativity and Design

The way we are making and selling design is becoming generic and confusing. One of the challenges is that design, as creativity, is described as a product, an end goal. When the fact is that neither design nor creativity is a result, it’s a description of how we get there not what we will end up with.

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Emergence of Identities

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

Identities exist on three levels: potentially, virtually or actually.

At this stage we’re not talking about brand identities. Just identities.

On the level of potentialities these identities are pure concepts and they are independent of any particular individual.

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