What Does It Take To Be a Leader and for Leadership To Show Up? (Part II – Authenticity)

Leadership matters. Whilst there are many ways of grappling with leadership, I value the ontological lens and in particular the ontological model of leadership that has been developed and is being taught by Werner Erhard et al. In this post I continue the conversation on being a leader (and leadership) that I started in the last post.

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Dishonesty and Banking

Fascinating new RSA Animate featuring Dan Ariely talking about his new book The Truth About Dishonesty. Lots of nuggets in here including a really interesting thought on how tiny is the proportion of 'big cheaters' in society and how the magnitude of dishonesty we see is instead down to good people who think they are doing good but in fact are cheating just a little bit.

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The Value of Honesty Impacts Revenue

Guest Post by: Phil Fernandez

Fundamentally I believe that we need to live in a world of facts — a real world where there’s good news and sometimes not so good news. All too often people, particularly in the revenue function, spend time trying to focus on what they wish were true.

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Why Movements Are Like Marriage

Companies spend hundreds of millions creating brand heat and product lust. They are highly protective of their reputation and brand, so isn’t it remarkable to think that just 140 characters can make or break it?

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Honesty in Advertising: Mobile Home Company

I wonder whether the company, with its spot hitting 800K+ views on YouTube, isn't going to make more money selling their $15 t-shirts than it does selling trailers. Watch the "making of" video, too.
- via

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Defining Community Management - a Starting Point

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How to React if Somebody Writes about Your Brand Online

by: Matt Rhodes

For our first post of the new year, I wanted to touch on two questions that often crop up when we talk to clients about their online presence and how they are and could use social media:

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