The Continued Economic Decline of the West - Ahhh

Many years ago I worked as a consultant for PA Consultants. A few years after I left and the company was in serious problems (the two are not connected) it employed a new CEO called Jon Moyniham. He pushed and pulled the company around it seems as if it has flourished. Park this fact for a moment.

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Marketers – Should Start Popping the Red Pills

Have you ever had that feeling that things are not what they seem? You know, out of the corner of your eye you get a glimpse of a reality that disappears in a flash.

The world seems to jog along OKish but you know that something is wrong – horribly wrong.

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Corporations Should Create a New Role: 'Chief Social Engineer' Accountable for the Company Second or Third Bottom Line

Very crazy weeks with 8 key projects in critical phases and we're excited on every one of them. MIT Global Challenge is one of my favorite since day one as it is a great idea to bring the brightest minds of MIT alumni to solve the world's wicked problems. There is no shortage of wicked problems, while we try to solve one, new ones are being created.

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Considering the Mind: Mini-reviews of “Buy-ology,” “Free Market Madness,” “Management Rewired”

These three recently-published books take research on cognitive science and behavioral economics and apply it to business and public policy. A common theme – people aren’t particularly logical, and this has huge impacts on how they behave, yet our business practices and government regulations often ignore this.

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TED and the New Economic Reality

by: John Winsor

I'm just back from my first TED conference and am still buzzing from the energy and learning. It's going to take a few days to make sense of all of the wonderful things that were shared. More than the talks, it was incredible to be with so many amazing, optimistic and motivated people.

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Charles Darwin and Business Innovation

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Carbon Pricing (Cap and Trade/Carbon Tax) Is Just One Piece of the Puzzle: Towards a Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy - Part 1

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The Economics of Happiness. What's Your Strategy? Life Needs to Have a Triple Bottom Line. B-School Is the Perfect Place for That Experiment

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Finding Equity in Labor

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

(note: this is part 3 in this week's 5-part series on the brandification of our lives) 

Earlier this year, I wrote that Karl Marx was prescient when it came to explaining the woes of corporations that find themselves chasing the same consumers.

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Economic Downturn Creates Asymmetric Generational Shock

by: Dick Stroud

What a great sounding title? Maybe it’s a tad pompous? What it means is that as the sky falls in and the economic and financial structure of the West disintegrates, the old and the young will be affected in very different ways. This is the first of my muses about this subject. To begin with I thought I would amass some factlets about Europe’s stressed-out 18-34 year olds.

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