About Digg's New Ad Format

A few thoughts about the recently unveiled (and heavily commented) Digg's new ad format that makes ads "diggable" and puts them in the general news stream.

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Sk*rt: 'Digg for Chicks'

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Green Content Syndication: Part III - Activating Diggers

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Green Content Syndication: Part II - Top Environmental Diggers

by: David Wigder

One of the most effective ways to syndicate content is to activate power users on sites such as Digg. Quite simply, “Diggers” uncover and bookmark interesting content – news articles, images and videos – for others to view.

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Niche Marketing Is The Key To Viral Marketing

by: Karl Long

Bobby Hendersons post explaining his Fine Art Taco experiment should be required reading for all marketing, advertising, business people, and bloggers.

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