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Amazon Earns Customer Loyalty With Integrity, Not Rewards

I got an email a few days ago from Amazon, telling me the price of the book I’d ordered had dropped, so it was passing the savings on to me. I think it was all of $.16. But that small sum is why I’m a loyal customer.

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Sorry NPS, I’m Not Buying (It)..

I know a lot has been said about Net Promoter Score (NPS), and I’m not in this world to judge anyone who’s working with it, or developing it into a Net Promoter System. I do like to share my experiences with it though, hoping to attract other people who’d like to share theirs, so we can all get a better understanding of what drives Customer loyalty and how to manage for it. Unfortunately the Net Promoter Score is not working for me right now. And here’s why:

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Just One Last Question: Four Ways Columbo and the Net Promoter Score Are Alike…

Guest Post by: Adam Dorrell

15 September 1971: 40 years ago tonight Peter Falk starred for the first time as the rather crumpled TV detective Columbo (and that first episode was directed by Steven Spielberg, fact fans). Quickly becoming a primetime fixture of my youth, Columbo was my favourite TV ‘tec, at least until Starsky and Hutch came along.

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