Dialogue on CRM, Customer Experience, and Customer-Centricity

Colleague: So much money has been spent and continues to be spent. On CRM. On CX – voice of the customer, journey mapping etc. In the name of customer-centricity – whatever that means.  Yet, there is little to show for it.
Me: Seems that way.
Colleague: Which big company, as in the kind of company that we end up consulting to / working with, has anything to show for the time-effort-money that has been spent on the whole Customer thing?
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What Is the Single Most Critical Factor in CRM / CX / Digital Success?

Recently I was pitching for new work and the question that keeps coming up came up. This question is always some form of “What is the single most critical factor in ……..?”   Examples include:

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Can Customer Experience Be Managed?

Today I'm pleased to present another guest post by Gregory Yankelovich.

Most Customer Experience professionals would find this question to be ludicrous, but in the article "Is Customer Experience Manageable? An Industry Pundit Says No," Esteban Kolsky lists 5 arguments to convince them otherwise.

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The Leaky Bucket Syndrome

What happens when companies spend huge sums of (marketing) dollars on customer acquisition when they can't even keep the customers they have because their products, services, and experience stink?

I don't know (OK, I do know), but I think Pizza Hut UK is about to find out.

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The Dark Side of Customer Focus, CRM, and Customer Experience

What is the cost of putting profits before customer interests?
This week one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers got hit with a £7.4m fine. Why? This is what Tracey McDermott, the FCA’s director of enforcement and financial crime, is reported to have said:

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“Ridiculous!”: Does Your Organisation Treat Customers This Way?

I have been helping one of my clients grapple with growth challenges. During the course of our conversations we got around to looking at the business from the standpoint of customers. As such, I asked for an analysis of the customer base by revenue and profit.The analysis shows that the top 10 customers accounted for the lion’s share of the company’s revenues and thus its health and viability.
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CRM Did It, Eventually

Customer Relationship Management, or "CRM," is a broad idea that was successfully marketed starting at the turn of the century...and then fell far short of everyone's expectations. It’s useful now, but not in the ways any of its evangelists had hoped, and I wonder if business use of social media technologies will follow a somewhat similar path.

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People Make the Experience, Technology Enhances It

I've been involved in a number of customer service conversations lately, as I believe that in our social media world, companies are going to have to deal a lot more with customers who complain publicly when things don't go well.

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Be Human & Listen, This Is the Best Advice We Have?


I've been following the CRMe10 event on Twitter and this Tweet popped into the feed:

"Be Human" Wow probably most compelling statement of the entire #CRMe10 event.

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Facebook & Siebel: A Tale of Two Decades

Advanced technology. Ideas that promise to revolutionize the way businesses are run. Out with the old, in with the new. Not sure how it'll make any money? Mere details. Get going or risk getting left behind. Great riches will come to those with the guts to throw caution and experience to the wind. 

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