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Channel Preferences Don't Matter

eMarketing and Commerce reported on a Habeas study which found that:

67% of consumers prefer email as a communications channel over other online vehicles, and 65% believe this will continue to be the case in five years.”

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8 Important Consumer Trends to Look out for in 2008

by: Design Translator

Early this year I wrote about the Top 5 consumer trends to watch for 2007 and how it relates to Industrial Design. Following tradition, here we go again for 2008, and this time it is a little earlier and hopefully will help all of us be a better prepared in our never ending push to identify, synthesize and create a product that could become the next big thing.


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Bookmarkable Advertising

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Last week's news about Rolling Stone and Men's Health running promos where readers are invited to snap images of ads and send them in reminded me of a draft that I've been kicking around for a few months about bookmarkable advertising. It's not finished or polished but, I hope, useful for something.

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Krispy Kremes Light Up The Brain

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Why Execs Are Stumbling in a New Media World

by: David Armano

Rob points us to this insightful article in the Globeandmail.  I especially like this excerpt:

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