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New Year's Top Resolution: Managing Your Online Reputation!

by: Christian Smagg

Well, 2009 has arrived, along with the New Year's resolutions and the ever-present pundit predictions. Now that we're on the other side of the New Year, I thought I would share my thoughts on what I feel should be one of the companies' top priorities - and probably their number 1 resolution for this year: Efficiently managing their online reputation.

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The Power of 'Our' Machinima

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If You Can't Beat Them, Be Them?

by: David Armano

I did the above visual not long after I first started blogging. While I illustrated a specific type of scenario (think Dell Hell or Comcast sleeper etc.), my point were that traditional and non-traditional media co-existed and had to be factored into how a company deals with the public.

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PR 2.0 - or How to Engage People Online

by: Matt Rhodes

I came across this set of slides from Joery Bruijntjes about PR 2.0. How the world of Public Relations has moved on from a traditional (1.0) world where journalists are the middleman, to a new (2.0) world where people create their own content. And how

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Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Videos

by: danah boyd

Fair use is an uber tricky legal issue. It is meant to provide protection for people to use copyright material in limited ways without seeking permission. (For example, fair use allows academics to comment on copyrighted content as part of their work.) The problem with fair use as a legal doctrine is that it's defense-only. Anyone can sue you for violating their copyright and you can declare fair use, but you will still have to pay onerous legal bills to defend that claim.

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The Conduits, the Scared and the Snobs

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Where Can Social Media Go?

by: Scott Goodson

My vision for social media is a much broader, much bigger, more invasive media than we can even imagine today. With Gen-y growing up using this medium as their main medium, I only have to look at the boomer generation to see the hundreds of new industries that were created on the back of film and TV with this age group.

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Consumer Generated Media as Driver of Green Marketing

by: David Wigder

An interview with Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Nielsen BuzzMetrics   

The creation and distribution of consumer-generated media (CGM) online is rapidly changing the marketing landscape. Consumers are actively participating online, providing opinions, perspective and feedback on the products and brands they like and dislike through a variety of channels including message boards, social networking sites, corporate sites, online communities and blogs.

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Forget the Art School. Photo-sharing Sites Have Their Own Ideas about Beauty

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US Lags in Social Media Creation, per Survey

by: Scott Goodson

Brian Morrissey of Adweek quotes a new survey that says the US lags behind many other countires in Social Media.

Here is his article:

Consumers in the U.S. and Western Europe are more likely to be passive participants, while those in emerging markets often create content

April 18, 2008

-By Brian Morrissey

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