Staying Ahead of the Competition

Do you know what it takes to stay ahead of the competition? Is that one of your business goals?

I recently did an interview with someone for an article she was writing, and one of the questions was about competition and how to best research the competition. Other questions on the topic revolved around how businesses can stay relevant and how they can set themselves apart in over-saturated industries. (I'll share the link here once the article is published.)

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Should We Call Out and Directly Challenge Our Competitors?

Should you launch a direct competitive attack? Should you run ads that call out your competitors by name? How can you aggressively challenge a competitor? If you’ve ever struggled with these questions, take a look at my new video. It’s the second in a short series of videos to address the questions I regularly hear about brand-building.

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CX Journey™ Musings: Are We Dumbing Down the Customer Experience?

Does "imitate the competition" describe your approach to customer experience design? 

Are you more focused on what your competitors or other companies are doing than on your own business, customers, and customer experience strategy?

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Sometimes It's Good to Be Third

When I first started working in digital back in the time of the dot-com bubble, many people obsessed about so-called 'first mover advantage'. Within the context provided by the digital goldrush of the time, the thinking went that if you arrived first with your innovation, you could plant your flag and rapidly attain a lead over competitors that was unassailable.

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Innovate - Don't Imitate

Does "chasing the competition" describe your approach to product, services, or customer experience design? Are you more focused on what your competitors are doing than on your own business and your own customer experience strategy?

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Rethink Your Business

To Survive, the Fitness Industry Must Rethink Fitness” is a piece Club Industry, the magazine for fitness business professionals, asked me to write.

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Apple Envy

'Tis the season to diss Apple in some very creative and entertaining ways. I'm just not sure whether it's a sign of strategic marketing insight, or fishbowl-like confusion of message over meaning.

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'Design-Driven Innovation'-the Powerful Advantage that Comes from Changing the Meaning of a Product

One of the best books of the year is undoubtedly “Design-Driven Innovation: Changing the Rules of Competition by Radically Innovating What Things Mean,” by Roberto Verganti. In it Verganti, a favorite of this blog, attacks one of the central mysteries of innovation–how can a company successfully create a product that is a radical break from the past, and which shows the way to a new future?

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Finding Equity in Labor

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

(note: this is part 3 in this week's 5-part series on the brandification of our lives) 

Earlier this year, I wrote that Karl Marx was prescient when it came to explaining the woes of corporations that find themselves chasing the same consumers.

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Enterprise Toilets

by: Sigurd Rinde

"Toilets are necessary but not sufficient for success in the telecommunication industry"

Succinctly delivered by Kjell Nordström of Funky Business fame.

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